Encampment Student Registrations are now open!

Encampment is a great opportunity to learn important skills which will build a strong foundation for future success, to create lifelong relationships, and to overcome challenges and accomplish more than you ever thought possible; this training event is highly encouraged for all cadets and is a prerequisite for the General Billy Mitchell Award (C/2d Lt). For those who have graduated from encampment, consider applying for the Advanced Training Squadron (ATS) to receive additional training in a broader scope of CAP’s missions, including: CPR qualification, acquiring ES , earning the model rocketry badge, receiving quality leadership training, and much more. 

The encampment will be held at Camp San Luis Obispo from 6 – 13 July for first time students and 3 – 13 July for ATS students.

STUDENT PRE-REQUISITES: be a CAP member, complete Achievement 1 (Curry) by 15 May 2019, signed permission (F31) from parent and Squadron Commander.

ATS PREREQUISITES: graduate from an encampment, signed permission (F31) from parent and Squadron Commander.

COST: $250*

*ATS Students will be expected to have a fully functional 24 hour pack. They can either bring/borrow one or purchase one onsite for an additional $50. This is a separate item from the activity fee.



APPLY NOW: www.cawgcadets.org/enc19registration

Limited spots for both options will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Furthermore, with support from the US Air Force, CAP provides Encampment Scholarships for cadets who are financially disadvantaged. Applications open today, and are accepted until June 6.

To find useful information regarding Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) Scholarships and info on how to apply, please click here.

For more information about this year’s encampment, navigate to www.cawgencampment.cawgcap.org for additional information.

Email ctg@cawgcadets.org with any questions

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