The Cadet Advisory Council recommends solutions and identifies opportunities to improve the Cadet Program. From the squadron to the national level, Cadet Advisory Councils thrive on communication within the Cadet Community. The CAC operates at the Group level and above with each Squadron providing a CAC representative.

Ultimately, the purpose of the Cadet Advisory Council is to develop leadership, assist Commanders, and improve the Cadet Program. A successful Cadet Advisory Council representative does the following:

  • Provides thoughtful advice on all topics requested by the commander or Director of Cadet Programs, specifically:
    • Before making a recommendation, the council researches the issue and considers all factors.
    • The council communicates their recommendations in a professional manner– using position papers, staff study reports, and/ or oral briefings
  • Apprises their cadet constituents of CAC proceedings following each CAC meeting, specifically:
    • When briefing cadets on CAC activities, representatives actively seek their input in order to represent their views accurately
    • Makes the minutes available to the constituents in some manner.
  • Brings to the commander’s attention opportunities to improve CAP, as envisioned by Cadets, specifically:
    • Responds to the commanders taskings in a pro-active manner, making the commander aware of cadet program challenges as a cadet sees them.
    • Is a productive member of the council, working aggressively in an atmosphere of service before self.

CAC members will use Robert’s Rules of Order when conducting official meetings.


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