Senior Meeting – Training

August 24, 2017 @ 18:30 – 20:30
Auburn Municipal Airport
13666 New Airport Rd
Auburn, CA 95602
Maj Steven Maples, CAP

For this months training meeting, Bob Sullivan and Bob Fields will be available to perform ICUT Pratical for anyone that needs it.  IF you do NOT already have ICUT, I highly encourage you to complete this as most ES Qualifications require it.  In Addition, it’s just a good thing to have!

You MUST complete the on-line portion prior to the 8/24 meeting to be eligible to take the practical portion during this meeting. (see attached from Bob Sullivan on step-by step how to)

In Addition, Please be familiar with the CAP Radios that will be used:


Although you will not be quizzed or tested on the user guides, becoming acquainted with their contents would definitely help you become familiar with the terminology, location, and operation of the different radio controls.

For those waiting or not needing the practical, I will be available to review and discuss any PD Items, Qualification Questions, or any other questions/needs about your own development/goals.

Maj Steven Maples, CAP
CA Wing, Squadron 92

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